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Storytelling Workshops

Stories at Work®: How to Create, Tell, and Use Stories with Groups and Organizations

In this workshop for trainers, facilitators, and consultants we explore storytelling and how it can be integrated into professional practices. Building on their own experiences participants enhance their abilities to create and tell their own stories and how to help a group tell its story.

Sample stories I use in this workshop:

Stories at Work®: Communicating an Organization's Purpose and Values

Stories are told at work, and they also do work, that is, stories can help an organization accomplish its aims. This workshop helps you understand how to use storytelling in your organization to share knowledge, promote values, and foster change. We can help your organization tell its collective story and create a story for the future. The stories you tell at work can communicate more about your organization than the “mission, vision, and values” placard in the main lobby.

How to tell a Jewish Story

In this workshop we explore the question, what makes a story a Jewish story. We explore various explanations and definitions and then proceed to the next question: How do you tell a story. This workshop is for anyone – teenagers, educators, grandparents – who wants to learn or sharpen their storytelling skills and who has a particular interest in Jewish stories. For my thoughts on this topic, see What is a Jewish Story.