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Excerpted from: Adirondack Mendel's Aufruf: Welcome to Chelm's Pond

Broiled Beet Menu

Lumberjake Breakfast: A four-egg wild mushroom omelet* (cheddar or tofu “cheese” optional) complemented by a stack of latkes with applesauce, kasha pancakes with maple syrup, Shlomo’s Adirondack Bagel & Lox® (cured brook trout on a pine-nut bagel; low-fat cream cheese, tomato, and onion optional), your own pot of our freshly ground, campfire-roasted, fair trade, high-mountain, shade-grown, burn-your-lip hot coffee, and a shot of Lake Placid Spirits slivovitz.

Chelm’s Pond Fusion Sandwich: A sandwich of Raizel’s homemade gefilte fish (fresh caught pike and chub from Chelm’s Pond and Chub Pond) and creamy organic peanut butter (finely ground, gently roasted peanuts and sea salt) on your choice of rye (seeded, of course), whole wheat (stone ground), or our famous homemade gluten-free seven-grain bread (brown rice, sorghum, teff, millet, quinoa, amaranth, and corn).

Hillel Wrap: A layer of kharoses – Lake Champlain valley apples and Adirondack wild hickory nuts chopped and mixed with a sweet red wine from Lake George’s Adirondack Winery – topped with a shmir of locally grown, freshly grated, sinus clearing khreyn (red or white) wrapped in a homemade organic gluten-free cornmeal tortilla.

Shlomo’s “Why couldn’t I have been Sephardic” Kitniyos Salad: A colorful and nutritious medley of nahit (aka arbes, chickpea, chana, garbanzo, or ceci beans), red lentils (aka orange lentils), and fresh corn served on a bed of organically grown, short-grained brown rice. Red pepper, cucumber, and beet greens round out this salad served with goldenrod-infused vinaigrette on the side.

Raizel’s Surf & Turf: Local high-in-omega-3 shmaltz brook trout & farm fresh, egg white* omelet with wild chives (in season), served with lightly wilted beet greens, a small boiled potato, and caraway seed sauerkraut on the side. Low-fat or non-dairy imitation sour cream optional.

Bloomie’s Four Species Soup: Our seasonal fall special, just in time for Sukkos (but available year-round). Barbúlyes, kroyt, and tzibele simmered in a pumpkin soup base. Optionally topped with lightly roasted corn kernels and freshly ground black pepper. All from local sources.

Birthright Stew: A red lentil pottage that would make Jacob proud. A perfect complement to any meal or a meal by itself. Known to satisfy hunger. Caution: when ordering, avoid making life-altering choices. Cup or bowl.

Jack Benny Special: Half of a GAC (that’s diner talk for a Grilled American Cheese sandwich, the “G” pronounced like a “J”) on your choice of thinly sliced bread, only 39 cents. (If you don’t understand why it’s called a “Jack Benny” or why it’s only 39 cents, ask someone who’s older. A lot older.)

All meals served with a relish of Raizel’s Wild Dill Pickles® and room temperature water (other temperatures available on request). Glass for your water: 25¢

* In gratitude for their service, our hens whose egg-laying capacities have run their course are accommodated for the remainder of their years at the Chelm's Pond Home for Has-been Hens.

The Broiled Beet

Adirondack-Ashkenazick Fusion Cuisine

Meat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and taste-free specialties

The Finest Dining in Chelm’s Pond

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