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The IAF Handbooks

The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation:

Best Practices from the Leading Organization in Facilitation

Sandor Schuman, Editor

IAF Handbook Covers
The IAF Handbooks

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A Superlative Task

Part One:
Create Collaborative Client Relationships

The Big Picture: Creating an Ongoing Client Relationship

Nadine Bell, Susan Nurre

The Skilled Facilitator Approach

Roger Schwarz

Facilitation: Beyond Methods

David Wayne

Part Two:
Plan Appropriate Group Processes

Eight Ps of Effective Facilitation Planning and Preparation

Jeff Bracken

The Architecture of Participation

Patricia Tuecke

Building Trust: The Great Enabler

Maria Begoña Rodas-Meeker, Larry Meeker

Facilitation of Group Brainstorming

Paul B. Paulus, Toshihiko Nakui

Promoting Mutual Understanding for Effective Collaboration in Cross-Functional Groups with Multiple Stakeholders

Sam Kaner

A Procedural Analysis of Group Facilitation: A Communication Perspective

Joe Chilberg

Part Three:
Create and Sustain a Participatory Environment

Graphic Facilitation: The Art of Drawing Out the Best in People

David Sibbet

Creating a Positive Participatory Climate: A Meaning-Centered Counseling Perspective

Paul T. P.Wong

How to Build a Collaborative Environment

David Straus

Effective Strategies for Designing and Facilitating Dialogue

Steven N. Pyser

Dynamic Facilitation: Design Principles from the New Science of Complexity

Lisa Kimball, Trish Silber, Nedra Weinstein

Facilitating the Whole System in the Room: A Theory, Philosophy, and Practice for Managing Conflicting Agendas, Diverse Needs, and Polarized Views

Sandra Janoff, Marvin Weisbord

Successfully Facilitating Multicultural Groups

Christine Hogan

Improvisation in Facilitation

Izzy Gesell

Facilitation of the Future: How Virtual Meetings Are Changing the Work of the Facilitator

Lori Bradley, Michael Beyerlein


Part Four:
Guide Group to Appropriate and Useful Outcomes

The Team Start-Up: A Scripted Approach to Facilitating the Start of an Effective Work Team

Fred Niziol, Kathy Free

Facilitating Large Group Meetings That Get Results Every Time

Sylvia James, Mary Eggers, Marsha Hughes-Rease, Roland Loup, Bev Seiford

Facilitating Communication in Group Decision-Making Discussions

Dennis S. Gouran, Randy Y. Hirokawa

Consensus Building: Strategies for Resolving Disagreement

Michael Wilkinson

Quality Without a Name

Reinhard Kuchenmüller, Marianne Stifel

Facilitating Participatory Evaluation Through Stories of Change

Terry D. Bergdall

Assessing the Effectiveness of Group Decision Processes

John Rohrbaugh

Part Five:
Build and Maintain Professional Knowledge

Facilitator Core Competencies as Defined by the International Association of Facilitators

Lynda Lieberman Baker, Cameron Fraser

Operational Dimensions of the Profession of Facilitation

Jon C. Jenkins

How to Build Your Expertise in Facilitation

Kristin J. Arnold

Dimensions of Facilitator Education

Glyn Thomas

Part Six:
Model Positive Professional Attitude

Art by Reinhard Kuchenmüller


Facilitator Values and Ethics

Dale Hunter, Stephen Thorpe

Facilitation from the Inside Out

John Epps

The Gift of Self: The Art of Transparent Facilitation

Miki Kashtan

Affirmative Facilitation: An Asset-Based Approach to Process Consultation

James P. Troxel

The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation:

Best Practices from the Leading Organization in Facilitation

Sandor Schuman, Editor

ISBN: 078797160X

Hardcover 664 pp + CD-ROM; 2005

Jossey-Bass, An Imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated