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Jewish Stories Every Person Should Know

Jewish Storytelling and Music Programs

Sandy has been a participant in the Saratoga Annual Jewish Storytelling Event for five years running. He is a regular that everyone looks forward to. His homespun tales, with a sophisticated delivery, are a joy. And there is always something to take home … whether memory or message or both. Don't miss the opportunity to see him in action!

The power of story was never stronger than when Sandy Schuman, Storyteller Extraordinaire, spent Sunday afternoon with us at Knesseth Israel. The audience was spellbound, and for days afterward, I would meet people around town and hear how much they enjoyed the program. The biggest hit? His tales from Chelm’s Pond. Todah rabah, Sandy!

King Solomon's Ring

Jewish Stories Every Person Should Know

A Rabbi, a Prophet, and a King Walk into a Bar; If Not Even Higher; Never A Bad Day; Honest Scales; and other stories, old and new, that reveal Jewish humor, tradition, and values. See a sample program here.

Treble clef with Star of David

Familiar Songs and their Unfamiliar Stories

Learn how some of the best-known American songs came to be written and uncover their Jewish roots. This program features songs from the Great American Songbook and stories about the Jewish songwriters who wrote them. See a sample program here. Download the brochure here.

Illustration showing "Welcome to Chelm's Pond" sign.

Welcome to Chelm’s Pond …

… where the ridiculous stories of Chelm meet the preposterous tall tales of the Adirondacks, where “every acre is two acres, you can till the soil with a teaspoon, and there are not only four seasons, there are five.” See a sample program here. Learn about the book here.

Illustration showing "Welcome to Chelm's Pond" sign.

Songs of My Father’s

Samuel Schuman was a songwriter. Many of his songs have Jewish themes: When Will Our Dream Come True; Say Tehillim; Was the World Worthwhile?; and more. Each song has its own story. Listen to Adon Olam: Past-Present-Future, here. For the songbook, click here.

My Father was a Storyteller

From help wanted ads to front page headlines, beaches to skyscrapers, my father’s longed-for saxophone to my sister’s required piano, this personal and historical saga stretches across “the stories of a lifetime.” See a sample program here.

Menorah with storyteller and listeners instead of candles

How to Tell a Jewish Story

What makes a story a story, and what makes it a Jewish story? This workshop is for everyone – teenagers, educators, grandparents – who want to learn or sharpen their storytelling skills. Read “What is a Jewish Storyhere. Read “Sandy’s Seven Sagacious Storytelling Sayings” here.

Storyteller in Residence

For a sample “storyteller in residence” program, click here.

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Sandy Schuman

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