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Songs of My Father's cover

Songs of My Father’s

Original Jewish songs with English, Hebrew, and Yiddish lyrics

  • Adon Olam: Past-Present-Future
  • Say Tehillim
  • When Will Our Dream Come True?
  • On the Spiritual Side
  • When We March into Palestina
  • Was the World Worthwhile?
  • How are Things in Monticella?
  • Join the Z.O.A.
  • The Shul Belongs to Everyone
  • I Worship You
  • You Gotta Give it That Extra Push

Download the songbook here.

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“Adon Olam” Past-Present-Future

Traditional melodies in an arrangement with words and incidental music
by Samuel Schuman

© 1944 by Samuel Schuman; © 2005 by Sandy Schuman

Performed by Sandy Schuman

I Worship You

A boy-girl duet in English and Yiddish

Words and music by Samuel Schuman, copyright 1943; © 2005 by Sandy Schuman

Performed by Samuel Schuman & Rachel Ornstein Packer on the Joey Adams Show, WEVD Radio, ~1985

All songs copyright by Samuel Schuman
Songs of My Father's © 2005 by Sandy Schuman
To schedule a performance of When I Was Small contact Sandy Schuman

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