Stories We Tell

Tales from the Story Circle of the Capital District

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Alden (Joe) Doolittle

About Story Circle

Siri Allison

East River Angels

A skinned knee in a deserted New York City park leads to an encounter with scruffy angels.

When Eve Got Lonesome

How God and Adam (almost) solved the first problem in the world.

Claire Beetlestone

Red Bird

He continued to climb into a darkness that was dark beyond imagining. He might have climbed for an hour, for a day, or for a lifetime. He could not know.

The Storm and the Stranger

In the shadows cast by the light of that old Tilly lamp she could almost see the images of those women waiting at the shore in the wake of the storm. Each waiting for her man to wash up, heavy, stiff and water logged.

Kent Busman

The Lost Tools of Schoharie

Taking care of your neighbors is what most people in rural areas do. But what happens when a village is flooded and the entire region responds? In the chaos, many items are lost, and a few important things are found.

Janet Carter

Tea Dance: Knoxville, Tennessee, 1914

Isabel revelled in being young and pretty and dancing. But then she discovered a reality her genteel world did not acknowledge.

Betty Cassidy

The Letters

Maps have no answer. Letters disappear. Minds fill with fear.

Lale Davidson

The Haunting of Zelda

Sometimes, I would lie there, listening to my own breath, and become frightened that the breath was not my own. Once, in the somber blues of dawn, beneath mourning dove’s coo, one sound distinguished itself from all the others: a light footfall outside my bedroom door.

Alden (Joe) Doolittle

Pop’s Whisper

My father and I shared a first name, Alden. Only once can I recall addressing him that way.

Traditions, Hands, Families and the Holy Spirit

We have always been challenged to observe my mother's birthday, since it fell on Christmas day. After years of angst our family was “handed” a solution to this dilemma.

Kate Dudding

The Story of One American Soldier

I feel so beholden to all those who protect our country. I feel extremely honored to tell one of their stories.

New Memories of Marilyn Monroe

I was astonished at how much I learned about Marilyn Monroe.

Margaret French

Song for Sunday Mornings

Why sing to someone who can never respond? And why the same song? One woman discovers life lessons in the song she sings to a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Locked into Teaching

A teacher’s anxieties trip her up, sometimes hilariously, when she teaches for the first time in a maximum security prison for men.

Marni Gillard

One Toe In

On windy nights, the sea’s lapping soothed her like a mother’s lullaby. She imagined tall waves offering her piggy-back rides. But she couldn’t run to them. At nine years old Maisie had never crossed the wooden walkway to the sea. She wasn’t allowed.

Jeannine Laverty


Watching on the farm yields fruit nearly as nourishing as working on the farm.

Bonnie Mion

Nathaniel Schmidt: Adventures at the Dead Sea

On a biblical archeology expedition in 1905, Professor Nathaniel Schmidt and his three students were captured by Bedouins at the Dead Sea.

Eliud Nieves De La Rosa

The Selfish King

A king learns that sometimes things are best left untouched and that one’s actions can have far reaching implications.

The Tater-Tater Man

An unusual potato does not see eyes to eye with the farmers who recently dug him up so, he runs away. Talk about fast food!

Merideth Nieves

Taming the Night

On a night with record breaking, below freezing temperatures on the way, strong, stubborn and independent Anna single-handedly does the impossible; and, for some, the unbelievable.

The Bullfrogs and the Big Race

A bunch of Bayou bullfrogs, or so the story goes, are determined to see who can run up an old tree the fastest. But they discover unanticipated obstacles that impede the race.

Claire Nolan

Growing Up Nolan

When I tell this story, many people ask, “Is it true? Did it really happen?” What I can tell you is this: I don’t know for sure where I was the day my brother Tim jumped off the garage roof.

Colette Odell

The Fork

The young pastor dreaded the trip to Mease Manor Retirement Community and his required chat with the old saint. He did not know any old people, and he was sure old people were grouchy, unpleasant, and boring.

Gil Payette

Changing Times

This story symbolizes life's circles and life's changes. Nothing escapes and everything is renewed.

It Is a Dog

It is simple to say Best Friend. Your dog-friend touches your life and did so as well so long ago.

Snake Is Dying

Some believe we are all related. If that is true, we must look after our extended family. It is good to leave something to enrich their lives, even when we are not with them.

Sandor (Sandy) Schuman

It’s Hard to Tell a Hug

My father was a storyteller, but my mother was not. And while it’s easy to tell a story, it’s hard to tell a hug.

Maggie Whelan

The Year Elmo Saved Our Christmas

Losing a child is one of the most heart wrenching experiences anyone can have. One grieving mother was able to turn the first anniversary of her daughter’s death into a gift for another little girl.

Uncle Tom and the Horse’s Head

This family's resident practical joker could not be topped, until …

Frank H. Wind

Columbus, We Have a Problem

There we were, one hundred miles from home, with the frame of the bus caught on the edge of the road and the rear wheels in the air.

The Puzzle Wizard

Every Monday on the ride into the City, the stranger would finish the whole New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle. How could he do it?

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