From: Duane Berger <>

Subject: MASTER PRACTITIONER Series -- next event


I'm writing to invite you to the next MASTER PRACTITIONER Workshop, sponsored by Community At Work.


This time we're bringing in Sandy Schuman, Ph.D., distinguished author and editor, veteran O.D. consultant and master group facilitator, for his first-ever Bay Area public appearance.


Sandy will lead his "signature workshop," CRITICAL INCIDENTS:  What Would You Do, and Why?


This workshop has played to packed rooms for the past several years at the annual conference of the International Association of Facilitators, and it has consistently been rated as one of the best programs on the conference agenda each year.


Here's the info:



What Would You Do, and Why?


A Day with Sandy Schuman, Ph.D.


November 2, 2005

9:00am - 4:30pm

Community At Work Office

San Francisco

$140 per person


Sandy Schuman, Ph.D. is on the faculty at University at Albany, SUNY, and he has been in practice as an OD consultant since 1983.  His recent book, IAF HANDBOOK of GROUP FACILITATION, (Jossey Bass, 2005), is regarded as the definitive overview of professional facilitation, featuring chapters by 31 leading authors in the field.  Sandy is also the moderator of Grp-Facl, world's largest and longest-running online discussion group for facilitators. Sandy has also served as editor-in-chief of the top professional facilitation journal, GROUP FACILITATION: A RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS JOURNAL.  He also co-chaired the international think tank that produced the "Statement of Values and Code of Ethics for Group Facilitators" which was later formally adopted by the International Association of Facilitators. His next book, CREATING A CULTURE OF COLLABORATION, will be published in 2006 by Jossey Bass.


Here is what Sam Kaner writes about Sandy Schuman:


"I had two reasons for inviting Sandy to come out to San Francisco for this presentation. 


"First, of course, is the workshop itself.  It's great.  It's a full day of discussing actual cases -- tricky situations where there's no right and wrong.  You'll explore cases that involve diagnostic judgment, or techical hunches, or ethical quandries, or all of the above.  


"I've participated in this workshop twice -- once as a member of the audience, and then last year as a presenter of one of the case studies.  So I can personally vouch for the calibre of the experience.  It's stimulating, challenging and fun.


"But over and above the workshop itself, my second reason for inviting Sandy to San Francisco is that I want to introduce Bay Area people to "Sandy the person!"  He's really something special -- by which I mean his professionalism, his integrity, and his character.  His influence on the field of professional facilitation is enormous. 


As moderator for the past 10 years of GrpFacl, (world's first and longest-running online discussion group for issues of importance to group facilitators), Sandy's finger is on the pulse of new trends in facilitation, day in and day out.  He knows what's going on in the field.  He has been a founder or board member of numerous professional organizations, including the International Association of Facilitators.  And as the editor of two of the most significant books on group facilitation, (not to mention the leading journal), Sandy is on a first-name basis with just about every serious writer in the field. 


"In other words, he's an insider's insider. 


"And yet, he has used his influence selflessly, not for personal promotion or gain, but rather, to advance the quality and standards of the profession.  We have all been beneficiaries of Sandy's tireless generosity.


"I'm proud that Community At Work is sponsoring Sandy Schuman's first Bay Area workshop.  I hope you'll join me for a wonderful day-long excursion into the behind-the-scenes world of professional facilitation, complete with anecdotes, case studies and tales from the trenches."


To register for this workshop, or to obtain more information, please hit "reply"  or call:


Duane Berger




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The "Master Practitioner" series is hosted by Community At Work to encourage San Francisco Bay Area consultants and facilitators to meet and learn from seasoned experts who don't normally make presentations of their work to public audiences in this region of the country.


Our fifth guest in the series is

Sandy Schuman, Ph.D.,

Distinguished author, editor, consultant and educator,

University at Albany, SUNY.


Preceding him were:


* Tom Atlee,

   founder and executive director,

   Co-Intelligence Institute,

   Eugene Oregon,

   April, 2004


* Barry Oshry,


   Power and Systems, Inc.

   Boston Massachusetts,

   September, 2004


* Izzy Gesell


   IzzyG and Company,

   Northampton Massachusetts

   November, 2004


* Gilbert Brenson-Lazan,

     founder and president,

     Global Facilitator Service Corps,

     Bogota, Colombia

     February, 2005


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